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This incomparable sculpture, entitled Transformation, has a 19th century antique French yoke from south-west France as its centre element. This agricultural tool made of the hardest oak has served for years as the connecting element between 2 oxen, a plow and a farmer.
Farming the land before the Industrial Revolution was arduous and physically taxing whilst at the same time very successful and satisfying in providing food for the community. This sculpture honours the hard work of the animals and their owners. By placing the yoke vertically it gives it a graceful look, a respectful tribute to all the hard work of our ancestors.
Various other elements including an oxidized cast iron pice of gate, an old doorknob from the pantry and the almost dancing porcelain elements create a joyful, festive event.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 141 × 42 × 37 cm

wood, cast iron, stoneware and porcelain


Bleached oak, Turkish turquoise, metallic army green, blue, 22 carat gold glaze, platinum silver, iron red oxide