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The shape of this wall sculpture made of 600 grams of handmade paper from Moulin de Larroque from the Dordogne, has been in the attic of the mill for more than 150 years. At the time, when drying the handmade paper, what happened to felt cloths, due to the enormous weight of the wet pulp, came loose and fell to the ground during the drying process. The paper makers ( this special paper was produced in very small editions for the Japanese Zen artists ) dug this no longer usable piece off the ground and was then often dried in the drying room of the mill, which was fired on wood. Now almost 2 centuries later, the shape, of itself already pure beauty, is provided with porcelain elements. The title Thoughts refers to the moments when we look at the floating cloud formations lying on the back in the grass in summer. It is the metaphor that compares clouds to the thoughts of our thinking. They come and go and they are just thoughts. Grinding, looking, at the spectacle in the air. In this way we can also look at the spectacle of our ego structure, where our thoughts constantly float, as it were. However, we are not our thoughts. It is only clouds that come and go in the cosmic tinkering of time.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 70 × 33 × 13 cm
Design Year



Moulin de Larroque paper, Porcelain


white, blue