A Beautiful Mind

€ 33.000 incl. NL VAT
€ 30.275 excl. NL VAT

This piece is a ceramic sculpture of 3 types of clay: African Stone, Sint Joris and porcelain. A dualistic sculpture aiming to portray the complexity of our thinking; the multitude of fantasies, destructive and positive thoughts, the labeling, the self identification, our beliefs, what we think of as is true or false. The mind is a dual organism, in part a pushing superego that says: ‘I’m great, it’s going fantastic’. And there is the punishing superego that says: ‘I’m a loser, how should I do it?’ The mind never quiets, it is constantly in motion. It is also the only thing the mind can do. This sculpture shows this complexity, but also the harmony and beauty of these two extremes. ‘A Beautiful Mind’ is an ode to our thinking mind.

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Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 63 × 57 × 107 cm
Design Year



African stone, St Joris, Porcelain


Matt Black, Dark Umber, Soft Orange, Olive Green, Grey, Purple Red, Turkish Turquoise, Light Yellow Ochre, Titanium White, Platinum, 22-karat Gold Glaze